Wierd Chicken Behavior!

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by HappyClucker7, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. HappyClucker7

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    Apr 28, 2016

    My RIR, Penny, did something strange and I don't know why. I was cleaning up when she sat into the nest box. I thought she was going to lay an egg, and I was really excited, because it would be her firs egg. I went out of the coop and waited. She made sounds like as if she were laying. Then, everything got really quiet. I heard her walking around so I thought she was done. I looked in and there was no egg. I just saw Penny, walking around and picking through the shavings, and every now and then, pick one up and put it on her back!

    Does anyone know why she could be doing this?

  2. QueenMisha

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    Point of lay pullets will usually "scope out" nest boxes in the weeks or days prior to laying. It's very normal for them to go in, scratch around, and even spend some time sitting but then leave without laying an egg. You should expect an egg from her soon.
  3. drumstick diva

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    POL pullets aren't sure what is happening to them, you can bet the first egg is a real surprise.
  4. HappyClucker7

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    Apr 28, 2016
    Why was she putting shavings on her back though?
  5. QueenMisha

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    It's a nesting behavior. I can't fathom why they do it, though.
  6. Cel45

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    Oct 28, 2015
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    I think that the nest material on the back is not the real intention. She is making a nest and rearranging things. I the wild, the hen would scoop out a bowl on the ground and line it. She is just moving things around. Cleaning house if you will.

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