Wierd dog!


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9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
SillyCon Valley
So our dog chewed the power cable for the computer. (Luckily it wasn't plugged in.) This is the second cable he's chewed. I bought some of the "bitter yuck" spray from the pet store to stop him chewing on the ones we just can't get off the floor. I was spraying it on one of the cables when the dog walked over and started licking it off my fingers!

So much for that idea.
yeah my Lab LOVED the bitter apple spray... bitter orange slowed him down some. Some.
My Lab loves them all. So much for being smart dogs.... my vet got a laugh though, when I told him I had tried the bitter orange! Trust me- DO NOT DO THAT!
#1 All Systems Tea Tree Oil Spray. OMG that stuff is awful. Won't hurt anything, great for use on wounds as it is antiseptic as well. I've used this stuff for years, haven't found a dog who likes it. Just google it for places to buy it.
The smell of tea tree oil might drive me out of the living room!

Does your dog have other things to chew? Like soup bones or rawhides? Sometimes that helps.

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