Wild Animal Attack Update - good news and thanks

Aunt Mildred

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Feb 13, 2009
I wanted to give everyone who has given us advise through our ordeal an update on our progress. Both hens are doing well. Aunt Florence has grown her tail back to about half height and is operating normally with the exception of being highly sensitive to loud noises or other things that used to not scare her much. Aunt Louise who was the most traumatized is working on growing all her feathers back. Her back is covered with emerging feathers. Her large wounds are almost completely healed, she has one left that is healing very well.

They are adjusting to their new enclosed run. They spend most of the day inside their coop because they are now very skittish of things outdoors after the attack. When I got out to see them they usually come outside but go right back in when I am not around. I am looking for a couple of silkie hens to replace their fallen comrad aunt dot. It will take two to replace dot because she was a big personality. I am also hoping that the new chickens will help the two traumatized hens feel more comfortable outdoors in the run because the new hens wont overreact to normal noises. It seems that being around calmer hens helps to calm skittish hens but that is based on limited experience.

Thanks everyone so much for your advice, we could not have made it through this without you.


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Oct 18, 2007
It's nice to hear your surviving girls are recovering. A silkie friend is a good idea, they are fairly calm birds.


11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
Centre Rawdon, Nova Scotia, Canada
Good news, and thanks for letting us know!

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