Wild baby turkey


May 10, 2015
I found a baby turkey yesterday. It is missing its leg and foot from the knee down. I have been feeding it earthworms and watering it with a small syringe. Any advice will be appreciated on what to do for this little guy. Thank you.
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You might be able to give it a chick starter. Without a leg though a wild turkey hasn't got much of a chance.
If it can move, it has a good chance of making it. Just don't get hi m to heavy. He will have to stay a little lighter than normal to be able to grow up well.
STOP the earth worm feeding. Earth worms carry a disease that domestic birds are immune to but is often fatal to wild birds (quail, pheasants, turkeys) Get him some game bird starter or any feed with at least 22 % protein. He should grow up to be a spoiled little rascal if properly cared for.

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