Wild Goose not migrating

Discussion in 'Geese' started by AmCanyonStables, Jul 7, 2010.

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    About a week ago, we spotted a goose (Gander?) in a very small wide spot in our creek. He appears to be a white-fronted Gander - (does not honk, so I think gander).
    He is not moving on, and I believe he should be in the arctic right about now, shouldn't he? He appears tame, will eat duck food out of our hands. He walks and swims, but I have not seen him fly.
    What should we do?
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    May 29, 2009
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    How interesting. I wonder if he was raised by humans and took off with a flock of his kind at some point in his life (breeding/mating season) and then reverted? A wild goose will not bond with humans unless it had close contact with them during the imprinting age. Heck I had "tame" domestic geese that were too timid to eat out of my hand! This fella likes you [​IMG]

    His friendliness also has me thinking "gander". No doubt he is confused, with his mixed imprinting issues.

    Since it is not illegal to "foster" him (read: not own him LOL ) I would be inclined to provide a predator safe area for him. Knowing how impossible that might be. He is very vulnerable without a flock.

    You could call your local wildlife people and ask what to do. Hopefully you'll get a truly concerned and compassionate individual rather than a darn beaurocrat. You never know with those types. A good wildlife rehabber might give you pointers, perhaps even check him over for injuries in case he is unable to fly for some reason. Right now, all geese, domestic and wild, are molting and for a while CANNOT fly at all till the flight feathers come back in, so it might be that as well.

    A flightless wild goose all alone is a sitting duck for predators [​IMG] . I'd find some way to get him safe right off the bat. And if you try to "capture" him and he flies away well, lol, that's one answer you have [​IMG]

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