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    Jan 23, 2010
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    I'm visiting up at my grandparents ranch this weekend picking up some things to roof my coops. The last month or so they've been having some problems with pigs. Never seen them on the property in the last 30+ years they've lived here. They're tearing up the ground and spooking the horses and the dogs dont even phase them. Heard them rumaging right of the deck this morning. 2 adults and 12+ babies. With the colors I'm thinking some kind of domestic X. Papa's saying 'they'll move on' and 'its just the ground' He's becoming soft in his old age!

    Not the best pics but they'll do.




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    Feral hogs lock & load. Kill em all their worthless . They will deystroy your land.
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    Oct 18, 2011
    Feral hogs are a somewhat new problem spreading to new areas. That's why they haven't seen them in prior years. If they find a nice place to live I don't think they'll leave until they exhaust the food supply.

    They should be afraid of larger dogs since dogs are used to hunt them.

    Hey, maybe we should try trap, neuter, and return on the hogs.
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    Feral hogs have been a problem in many places and can be dangerous. I've heard they are a real problem in Florida, too.
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    Wild hogs are not a native species, typically at least. They don't belong here, and they have two litters if you will of 6-8 piglets a year, all of which can breed by the time they're 6 months old.

    There is a reason they're labeled an nuisance animal and able to be hunted year round.


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    Lock and load and shoot away. If I lived in a state with feral pig problems It would be a my year long hobby to rid them from the land. I'm talking night vision, supressed guns the works to take out as many as possible.
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    Mar 22, 2011
    Id be shooting and cooking. [​IMG]
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    Smart animals

    “One reason wild pigs are so popular among hunters in California is because they are smart,” says Sweitzer. “But the negative side of this is that they quickly learn to avoid traps when they sense danger, and they have even been known to play dead when being hunted from helicopters in areas like the Australian outback.”​
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    Feral pigs are not "natural" to the land (This continent). Kill them and eat them or donate them to feed the needy.
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