Wild quail in North East ohio, in wood County. Video....What variety?


11 Years
Feb 14, 2013
I was at a track meet in wood county today and noticed a bird that was going crazy and chirping loud like this one. It was the same color and everything, just protecting its eggs in the gravel next to the track. This isn't my video but its exactly the same thing that the bird was doing. Do you think the quail at the meet was a wild quail or did it escape from a farmer?
That is a Killdeer. Not a quail. They lay their eggs on the ground in the dirt and will fain a broken wing if you approach to draw you away from the nest.
Yeah, they are neat little birds. They are of the Plover family. After the babies hatch, they are up and running an hour later, off into the weeds. They don't hang around the nest after hatch and move pretty far away from the area they were hatched in.
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