Wild Turkeys 911


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
Help found wild Turkeys. Don't know what to do scared going to die. What to feed them and how? Please help:lol:
You are in violation of your state wildlife code by removing them. They need to be returned to the exact spot where you found them immediatly or they have no chance of surviving.
tell that to the USFW office near my house where three girls just turned in endangered snowy plover eggs they picked up off the beach...no fine, they had no criminal intent, and they wanted to rectify the situation. they flew the eggs to a federal lab but it was to late. I think if you call and you need help, you would be ok. but do what you want.
Calling a warden in Illinois and telling him here are some wild turkey poults I brought out of the wild but now I changed my mind and you can have them will get you nailed big time.

USFW has no jurisdiction over wild turkeys because they are not migratory.
i understand the migratory bird act, thanks though.
it was never said that they brought out of the wild and that their minds were changed. there was no mention of where they were found or if they were brought home. Sorry buddy, that you live in such a harsh state....oppressive!
How do you know the person is even in Illinois?
or what their state wild life code is?
What are the lottery numbers going to be tomorrow?
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