Will 2 eggs in a 48 egg incubator be a problem?


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Aug 29, 2012
I have two eggs from a dozen I bought won't fit under my broody so I'm putting them in a loaner incubator (never used one before it's a jn8-48)

Will having so few in such a large incubator have any effect on how it regulated humidity etc? I read something about putting sealed containers of water in there instead of eggs but I'm not sure how I can do that without wrecking the automatic egg tilter. I should add my plan is to keep them going till first candle and then if any good give to the broody to replace any defective she is sitting on. So all going to plan it only needs to work for the first week.

And on the tilter, so is that all it needs to do, tip from side to side? I always pictured it as more of an actual turn from one side to the other being needed.
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No I can't see it being a problem it's your surface area of water that produces the humidity. The incubator should have somewhere to put water in? I had incubator with only 3 in once and it was fine no problems. The turner sounds normal moving the egg from side to side. Good luck with your eggs. :frow
The only issue I see with only 2 eggs in such a big Bator is that you might have temp swings. My 48 egg 'bator seems to hold temperature much better when I stuff as many eggs into as I possible can. When I only incubator a few, the temp tends to swing quite a bit and I really have to babysit it.
If you put it in a room that holds a steady temp, that will probably help a lot.

Good luck!

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