Will 2 roo's be more noisy than 1?


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May 29, 2009
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My Coop
Here's my problem: I love both of my boys - A LOT! My Silkie is dominate and he's already crowing. I also have an EE that I am 99% sure is a cockeral too. So far the Silkie isn't too loud and I haven't heard any complaints from my neighbors. When the EE starts to crow will it become a compatition?

I am legal to keep roo/hens so that's not the problem I just dont want to make problems with my neighbors. I want both of my boys
What do you think? Will it become very noisy most of the day?
well, they will crow back and forth- but mine aren't constantly crowing, they are in ajoining pens- one is a brahma the other a cochin banty- usually in the morning, and evening before dusk-
Depends on the personality of the two roos. When I had two brahma roos, only the alpha Zeus crowed. Once Zeus was rehomed, the beta roo, Thor, started crowing. Thor is not an annoying frequent crower anyhow.
In my baby flock I have two cockerels, Impy and Ollie. They have crowing competitions. Thor hears the youngsters, but he doesn't join in their competitions.
So I'd say it definitely depends on the personality of the individual.
I have 2 roosters currently crowing and 4 up & coming. I'm re-homing 1 of them, but the others are planned to stay put. My only actual rooster is a Polish - they're noisier than most. The crowing cock is an Easter Egger. Of the up & coming cock's I'm keeping, I have a Silver-Laced Cochin cock, a Black Silkie cock & a Salmon Faverolle/Partridge Cochin mix - these are not crowing as of yet, but will be shortly.

I have 3 Cribs within my 1 large Coop. They do talk back & forth throughout the day, but it's not obnoxious. The only time I find it so is when I'm in the Coop & both boys are too & decide to crow in unison. Outside of the Coop, even when they sing together, it's not bad at all. But, I'm a rooster lover & would be offended if any neighbor's complained. I have both dog & cat crap in my front yard - none of which belongs to my animals. I don't even have a cat and the dogs are confined to an acre fenced in the back...next to the bird yard. Not to mention how often I'm visited throughout the day by neighbor's dogs & cats. Yeah. War would ensue if there were any complaints about rooster crows.
My Silkie doesnt crow very much during the day. He crows at dawn and at dusk. Not too loudly either. Of course when my windows are open in the summer it will seem very loud I think. The coop is a stones throw from my bedroom window. The EE is the omega for sure. All the hens are above him, poor thing!
We had seven roos up until a few weeks ago. Five from the Spring when a hen went broody. Two from the original flock started 1 1/2 years ago, an Ameraucana and a Buff Orpington. One of the little cockerels was trying to crow when he was five to six weeks old. Sounded real funny, but it was definitely a little crow and he progressed into a full crow early. I think he heard the big roos and he was trying to mimic or join in on their banter. To make a long story short, we now have one roo, the Ameraucana and yes 2 roos are noisier and more roos are even noisier.
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