Will a goat be happy enough with dogs for company

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by brierose3, Dec 20, 2016.

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    Theres a young goat at the pound and we are thinking about adopting it. I know goats are herd animals and do best with other goats or atleast livestock for company but if we keep the goat as part of the family along with our 3 dogs, 2 cats and chickens, will it be fine? If it gets along with the dogs even and enjoys regular walks, trips to the beach down the road is a possibility!

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    Keep in mind that dogs are predators and goats are prey. None of my goats have ever been happy to be in close proximity with dogs. The exception was an LGD (Komondor) that was raised with them.
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    My goats are terrified of my dogs.

    And for some reason, goats seem to bring out the predator in dogs that have never been a problem before. I've seen several different dogs that have been fine with cats, chickens, horses and cattle go crazy around goats.....something about them, who knows?

    I'd pass. I don't see One Big Happy Family coming from this like you're picturing.
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    You would more than likely need to purchase or adopt more goats in the future as companions for this one. Dogs and other animals just don't cut it and you will have an unhappy, clingy goat. Unless they are fellow ruminants like sheep and cows but even then goats are the best companions for other goats.

    I would say that adopting this one is fine as long as you know in advance that you will need to get another shortly after. Also, make sure you have a very secure place to keep the goats, as they are very good escape artists!
  5. cassie

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    Not only does the fence need to be good enough to keep the goat in, it must be good enough to keep the dogs out!! Not just your dogs, but the neighbors' dogs, too.
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