will a hawk kill a full grown standard chicken?

Yes the larger hawks will kill a chicken. Even the smaller one will take a chick. If they have cover (bushes) to hid under with pine trees above, the are fairly save.
Yes I lost a full grown barred rock hen to one last year. We have smaller hawks here and he couldn't do anything but drag her. My barred rock roo defended her and stayed with her until I got out there. Of course the hawk was gone. My FIL who lives next to me saw the whole thing and told me what happened. He's disabled so there was nothing he could do about it.

ETA: The hawk did kill the hen but the rooster was trying to protect her the best he could....
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Saw a hawk take down my fully grown Rhode island red rooster. So yess chickens are hawk food.
My friend has a hawk problem with them trying to carry off his shibas. 20lb dogs. Even if they couldn't actually pick them up they can cause fatal injuries.
Hawks will kill full grown standard size hens. I lost quite a few full grown hens to smaller hawks as well so it's not just the larger hawks you need to worry about.
Hawks can exert 500psi of gripping pressure through their talons... That's enough to crush a human skull, if only they could get their toes around it.

I just read that a few minutes ago and thought it was pretty amazing..

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