Will a non broody hen adopt baby chicks?


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May 13, 2015
I would like to purchase some new chicks because most of my old flock has passed on. Last week we lost two birds to a fox and our one girl is now left all alone. I was hoping that I could get black australorp chicks and possibly pair them with my lonely Rhode Island Red hen (Phyllis). I am worried about her, she seems oddly quiet and Im worried she may be depressed. If there is anyway to pair a lonely hen with chicks please tell me ASAP because if not I'll raise them in a brooder. Please help.

Thank You!!!
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She will not accept the chicks as her own.you would be better off buying young grown hens if you want company for her.speaking from over 40 years of experience she will do one of two things.be mean to them or not pay any attention at all

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