will a pigeon that i save couse problems to my nesting on egg pigeons

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    Last night i was taking out the rubbish when i saw somthing black fly over me, then it landed on the fence and i got closer to it. It was a beutifull coloured pigeon. So i quikly got some seed and threw them on the floor it did not go for them. So it just sat on the fence. when i got up this morning i saw it on my neiboures roof. and it stayed there all morning. I Think she likes us. Anyway i was thinking that if i had to catch it which i definetly can if i should put it in with the other pigeons. I have only got two of my own pigeions and they are on eggs. This other pigeon definetly looked like a male and i dont want him to harm the eggs or squabs that are soon to hatch.

    when i get home i can catch him.

    extra info: He looks like he is only a couple months old.
    I have no where else to put him.

    please answer quik
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  2. Don't just catch the bird because you want a pet. I have ferals who were nuisance to some other people so they were trapped, and they HATE captivity.
    DON'T catch him, leave him alone and be free and live to be old. What'd you be doing would be cruel, catching a wild bird for your own entertainment when you could have already domestic ones
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    If it is a banded bird, catch it and try to locate the owner. Now is training season for 'young bird' homers. This may be a disoriented young bird. You should not put it in with your mated pair for a variety of reasons - possibility of introducing disease, territoriality, fighting, etc.
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