Will a rabbit protect chickens / chase off squirrels?


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We are OVERRUN with squirrels! The pellet gun has helped a little, but new families just keep moving in.

A friend of mine said that she once kept a bunny with her chickens and the bunny would actually try to kick at her when they went out to collect the eggs.

I'm wondering if a large rabbit would keep squirrels out? Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated!
My chickens chase off the squirrels...especially my big rooster but the hens do, too.
I am thinking the rabbit wouldn't help at all with that.
They make havaheart traps for squirrels, my extended family uses havahearts to catch squirrels out of their pecan grove. Although, they illegally relocate them our grandparent's house 25 miles away.....

If I were you, I would simply look at using squirrel snares and just keep them out of sight of the public and neighbors. With squirrel snares, you capture and kill the current population and you are able to use the squirrels for meat. (Heard they make an awesome stew). Again, in many areas snares are illegal, so keep them out of sight and keep quiet if you plan to use them.. Same with relocating...

I guess we'll have to try the squirrel snare route - thanks for all the good info. I just wish there was something that was a natural squirrel predator that would make things easy! My cat gets gophers, mice, birds...we were hoping he would get a taste for squirrels, but no luck.

Squirrel stew....hmmm. That would probably satisfy more than just my tastebuds! lol

Thanks all for your help!
My sweet chow/chow just died a few mos. back and she was my squirrel chaser/catcher. Once when we lived in Texas I took them for a walk in our community park. She saw a squirrel and both her and her son took off after it. They cornered it up a tall oak tree and I sat down on a bench to watch while they checked out the situation. Fuzzy finally sat down under the tree just sitting there minding her own business. The squirrel ran out on a branch stopped over her head and pooped. Landed right on her head. She never flinched so I don't think she realized what happened. Maybe she was just embarassed, who knows. Geeze I wish I had that on tape!
I love my chickens, and I loved my rabbits, BUT, I don't think that any pet is LESS intelligent than a rabbit!! My dog eats 65 wild ones every year. She catches them on the run, too.

Get a good puppy and train it to hunt!

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