Will a roo ever sound like a hen?


12 Years
Feb 25, 2011
My silkies hatched 4 December, and one of them has started to crow. One of the others who I thought was a male because it started "fighting" at 10 days old, and s/he developed a red walnut comb recently. However, when my other hens lay eggs and do their calling, this silkie joins in and sounds just like the other hens. My other silkies are very quiet with soft voices. Do roos ever sound like loud hens? It was loud, this cawing. When roos get loud do they only crow or can they caw prior to developing a sort of crow?
Roosters are capable of making all the vocalisations that the hens make plus the crowing, and other vocalisations as well. They definitely will join in the egg song and cluck with the hens.

Edited to add: I just re-read what you wrote, and you could have a pullet coming into lay OR another rooster. You could post pictures to be sure. Silkies shouldn't have red combs/wattles but if you got yours from a hatchery or someone who's silkies were not pure then it's very possible.
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