Will a rooster breed a hen who has quit laying eggs?


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7 Years
Jun 6, 2012
I have a 5 year old New Hamp roo. He doesn't breed the chickens like he used to, in fact, I had 14 eggs under a broody and only 2 were fertilized. Do roosters know if a chicken is done laying eggs? Or is he just not breeding anymore because of his age? I got another rooster last week (golden laced wyandotte) and he is trying to breed some of the hens, when Henry doesn't run him off.
My husband wondered if they quit breeding the hens when the egg laying is done.
Generally they do stop breeding non laying hens. However with his age there is the problem that that he may not be as fertile himself. The 14 eggs under a broody and only two hatch is a good indicator.

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