Will Bird /Deer Netting keep flying predators out of the Run?

I have been using deer netting with success against Great-horned Owls and Coopers Hawks. My runs are relatively small as either 10' by 10' or 10' by 30' and the material is relatively cheap so I have even taken to doubling it up. Mode of action is as much repellent as a physical barrier. Problem some critters get hung it relatively easy. In last year I have had to disentangle a large Black Rat Snake three times and a Coopers Hawk once. The latter I think would not have been entangled if netting presented a flat barrier rather than with folds it had. The snakes getting into it will likely be a problem regardless of how the netting is stretched.

Bird netting is to flimsy.
C, are the critters getting stuck in it because you doubled it up? Maybe a single layer, stretched better, would be safer.
Snakes will get through anything with small enough openings.
It appears to me a single layer will also entangle snakes. They push head through a hole and keep going through till body stretches opening stopping forward movement, then scales get hung when snake tries to back out catching snake. I have real problem in pond setting where water snakes and their kin get hung up as well.

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