Will chickens go after house plants?


Oct 12, 2017
High Desert, S. CA.
I am considering having one of my chickens as a house pet. But . . . I have a LOT of house plants. Over 100. I know they go after greens outside, so I'm assuming my house plants would be in peril? She's a frizzle, and I know they don't generally fly, but would she jump up about 2.5 feet to get to the plant stand?
They can jump that high, yes. My silkies can manage that easily, and they don't have feathers.

They'll probably want to eat your house plants.Never having had a house chicken, I can't guarantee one way or the other, but mine like nothing more than a nice salad.

Maybe you could supply greens on the ground for her? A low patch of spinach in a planter or something?
Last year I had four chicks and an aloe vera plant in the house, the chicks shawshanked out of the brooder while I was cutting grass the one thing they decimated was that poor aloe nothing else was touched. So yeah, those plants wouldn't stand a chance. :)

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