Will he be OK?


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
South Carolina
So I have a Dominique rooster who is about 6-7 months old. His spurs are just little nubbies. Not too long or sharp.

Well, today, he decided that he was going to try to challenge my son for dominance. At the end of the scuffle, (he finally gave up when he realized that he wasn't going to win) one of his spurs was bleeding. He didn't seem to be in any pain, but we're worried about him.

Is this normal? Do they heal/grow back?
As my Mom always used to say, "That's a long way from his heart." He will be fine. Depending on the degree of injury the spur may or may not grow. Around here a far bigger problem would be the fact that he is exhibiting human aggression.
He should be fine. Spurs are constantly growing, just like human fingernails/toenails. If it continues bleeding, you can put some flour, cornstarch, or styptic powder on the spur to halt the bleeding.

I agree with sourland, though, in that your cockerel's aggression is a more alarming matter. I would consider beginning to show your dominance to him (pinning him to the ground, feeding hens first, randomly knocking him off of roosts or speedwalking towards him, etc.). If he continues in this manner, I would recommend finding him a different home or culling him, unless you don't mind having an aggressive rooster.
Yes, I agree with you guys. I don't want to always have to watch my back while I'm in the run. We have 2 others that are calm and friendly. I have heard of people having to prove their dominance with roosters and I feel like today my son did. But, if it's a frequent thing, he's gotta go. I want a peaceful flock that we can enjoy.

But I'm glad to hear that there is no permanent damage done to the little guy. Culling is understandable when necessary, hopefully it won't come to that. Maybe he learned his lesson.

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