Will he ever stop crowing......?


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i have an 11 month old BC Marans rooster that I received at age 10 months. At first he was mellow and just getting his bearings. Now he crows every 3 min all day and night. I really don't know when he sleeps. Any experiences with this. Will he ever calm down?
I haven't had much experience with roos, but don't they stop crowing when it gets dark? If he crows a night maybe there is light shining into the coop. I don't know what the constant otherwise crowing is about. Is there another roo nearby that he has to warn off?
Eventually he'll calm down. Someone dumped a rooster on our property in March. Ricky was calm at first but after a little bit, he crowed all the time. He was crowing at 3am and driving me nuts.

He's finally settled in and only crows occasionally.

Thanks so much for the info. I would hate to get rid of Walt. He was named after the gent who gave him to me as a present after buying 6 BCM pullets form him. He looked just like Jerry Garcia and loves the chickens. This place is so great for getting info. What do people do with out this sight!!
If it bothers you, I hope he'll calm down. I have 2 roosters and 2 cockerals, and the crowing never ends around here. But I love the sound of the crows and can't hear them when they are in the coop at night, so it doesn't bother me at all. We don't have any neighbors close by, so no one complains. Except my husband on occasion - the roosters like to get right behind him and let out a LOUD crow when he's working on a piece of equipment or has his head under the hood of a car. Scares the snot out of him - and I swear I've heard the roosters laughing afterward

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