Will I have enough room???

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    Dec 9, 2010
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    I currently have a flock of 15 hens and 1 roo and am having 18 eggs shipped to me the week after Christmas!I am about to start construction on my new coop and run this weekend and will have it completed by this time next month. I am going to add a 12x12 run to the already exsisting 10x12 run, I am aslo going to build a 8x16 coop. The old coop is 6x12 and will house the chicks I get from the 18 eggs until they are ready to join the rest of the flock. I plan on keeping all the pullets and one cockerel.

    I was just wanting to get ya'lls opinion on if its enough space for them? I am new at this but think that I have aloud plenty of space for my current chicken and for all the new ones I plan on getting with this hatching. Please give me you thoughts on this so I can make any changes, if any need to be made?
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    I think that will be plenty of space for them. Even with what you've got now coop being 6x12 is pretty decent size but the run should be bigger. I have 3 ducks and 21 chickens/roosters so for 24 birds, I'm thinking of building them 25x10 run. They currently have 17x10 run now. As for the coop, I have 7x7 shed and 2 chicken coops. I have no idea how big the coop should be yet [​IMG]
    Good luck, Keep us posted with the eggs hatching and new coop/run. Love to see what you already have [​IMG]
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    I would go as big as you can for the run. Too much run space is almost enough.
    The big coop should be good for up to 32 birds.

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