Will it be hard to switch the girls to pelleted feed?

Going Quackers

12 Years
May 24, 2011
On, Canada
Their on a crumble right now(flock raiser) but frankly, i am rather fed up with the waste of the crumble, and i switched my ducks back to a pellet(they all were on the same feed) so now i have to sort these hens out.

Will they take to a pellet? they've never been on one, they have had the FR since day 1 ..
When I switch my 18 week olds from crumbled starter to pelleted layer ration, I have no problems at all. I just switch the feed, don't even mix it for a week the way I would a dog's food since it's basically the same stuff.
Thank you both! the girls are pretty foody, hmm is their a chicken who isn't?

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