Will It Have Problems Piping Through The Wax


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
As I was looking at the eggs tonight through the window of the Hova Bator with my boys it dawned on me that egg #13 that has the dent has some crayon wax on it, and some wax from a glue gun stick on it when the crayon wax melted. Will it still be able to pip through the wax??? How will I see any external piping under wax? I think this could pose a problem. IF it shows signs of hatching soon. Why does it seem like it's more like day 28 instead of end of day 25, day before scheduled lock down but it is lock down. I hope more activity presents itself tomorrow!
Glue gun stick is bad, because the plastic does not break. Wax is not a problem at all, it will just crack and break off. I guess you just have to sit tight and hope for the best. Just remember that you hurt the other eggs if you try to help the one egg. Absolutely no drop in humidity at this point. Your hatcher does not have a fan so it does need longer to get the humidity back up. Just don't mess with it.
Oh I won't! I was just curious as to what will/could happen. I think it has options to pip if it's going to, it's not heavily coat with it. I didn't know about the glue gun wax, I thought wax was wax. Man, I'm must makin all sorts of critical errors. I've been a very good girl today, I haven't opened it or anything, just leaned over and LOL quacked at the ducklings, and so has my son. Monkey see, monkey do!

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