Will momma hen rais these chicks?


12 Years
Jun 18, 2008
I just moved out the original broody mom off the chicks and put my broody silkie on them (the other momma was attacking one of the chicks) the silkie accepted the other babies right away but still wants to sit on her eggs. she doesnt care if the babies go underneath her or anything but it will still be another good 2 weeks or more before those eggs hatch. will the babies be alright? and will they realize that the silkie is their mom and they can go underneath her?
She should not be sitting on eggs while raising hatched chicks. A broody does little else but sit on the eggs and turn them. They seldom leave the nest, only long enough to grab a bite and drink some water and poop. She instinctively know how long she can leave the eggs before they start to cool off. To mother hatched chicks, she needs to take them outside to teach them to eat and drink and they pretty much eat and drink all the time until they are a few weeks old. There's no way the chicks will stay in the nest the amount of time the hen needs to sit on the eggs to make them hatch.

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