Will MPC let you ADD chicks to your order? LOL


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Plant City, FL.
Shipping was WOWZERS but good for the babies so whatever gets them here ----but now i'm SO afraid of one of my girlies not making it
that I was thinking of maybe uping the order a few more a peice and selling rest on craigslist? Hubby's only allowing 5 and that went UP from 3! HAHA...We have a good sized coop but were just getting our feet "wet" so figure I should listen to him!?
That's my thing though--so we ordered pretty much 1 of each kind (well 2 Australorp cause we got i roo) 1 EE, 1 Buff O, 1 Wyandotte so should i tell them to add 1 more of each minus roo-boy...
or you think I should just cross my fingers and pray they journey safely!? THANKS

**OR maybe I should get off the forum for a few and stop looking at too cute dang CHICK pictures!!!
Just saw your post above right after I posted this! Were not anywhere close though
--in Central FL! Wish I could take some off your hands for you though! IF I could I'd make a roadtrip but the hub's has a HUGE workweek coming up--hence not getting them until March...I'm usually, want it, need it HAVE to have it now! But here I sit patiently waiting...
That's ok... he's letting me keep quite a few of them now. I think it helps that my birthday is in a few weeks, so I played the guilt card!

It's awful though! I can barely sleep at night waiting for the phone to ring from the PO! It's worse than Christmas for me!!! Can't wait for them to get here!!!

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