Will my 3 chicks get along?


8 Years
May 24, 2011
So... I am new to the chicken scene. I have done some research but when I ordered my chicks last week they didn't have all of the varieties that I was hoping for. I have a Plymouth BR, a Buff Orp and an Ameraucana coming in this week. The Ameraucana (or EE - who knows which I will actually get) is the one I know less about. One of the pages here shows it as an agressive breed, but everything else I read says the opposite. Do you think I will have issues raising these 3 together? I am just hoping to mainitain a little backyard laying flock for my family. We live in the definition of suburbia.
Hello! I think your chicks will get along fine if they are the same age. Make sure they have plenty of room, food, water and all should go well.
Usually chicks that start out together do just fine.

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