Will my chickens mature after laying eggs?


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Mar 15, 2015
Hi! I have two hens Lele and Kendall, both 14 week old Plymouth rocksI have had two chickens in the past who were very sweet and followed me around my yard and would come running to me when I called them but sadly they passed. My new chickens seem to not like me at all! if I come into the yard they will shy away and if I try to hold them I have to chase them around until I can catch one! I'm frustrated! I've tried giving them space, using treats and force holding them and nothing has worked! I'm wondering if maybe they will mature or become calmer once they lay their first egg which should be in 2 weeks! Any advice for more docile chickens?
one thing for sure is you cant chase them to get them to like you....just sit down and have meal worms in hand and drop a few and let them get em them hold hand out and try that and do it every day..no more forced ..holding and such like chasing...jeff
Yes, they will become friendlier and more approachable when they reach the point of lay, especially if they see you as the dominant figure in their little world. Mine would squat for me, let me pet them and best of all, crawl in my lap when they reached this point. Now, the come around, stay close and follow me, but are reluctant to let me pet them. I can touch them, but they tend to shy away a bit. Yours are at the age now where they run away from everything.

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