Will my hen be sad?


In the Brooder
May 14, 2015
My Hen just hatched two eggs. We took one chick away since she was ignoring it while waiting for other egg to hatch. She hatched Her last egg tonight. Will She be sad or depressed if I take her chick away to put in my brooder with friends.

Is my single chick at risk by being the only chick?
While waiting for the other egg the mom generally will ignore the other babies, mine doesn't leave the nest for 24 hrs or so, then cares for them as usual. The babies don't need food or water for 24 hrs, and unless she won't let the chick sit under her then she was likely going to care for it.

The chicks don't like to be alone, unless they're with mom, and my hens act sad if i have to take a baby for a little while. You may try letting her raise both babies if she'll take it back. Otherwise if the one in the brooder is alone, it may be best to take the other so you don't have one lone chicky. Good luck with your babies!
The one in the brooder has buddies. I will let her try and raise the newest chick. I don't want her to be sad
How can I tell if she accepts her previous baby back? I out him by her and she let him underneath. Is that a good sign?
It's 80f out and mama is still nesting over one baby. One is wandering about unsupervised

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