Will my turkeys go inside of a building in the winter?


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Feb 8, 2007
I am not new to chickens, and I used to have guineas, but the neighbors dogs prevented me from keeping the guineas cause they traveled too much to be safe. I got the turkeys this year, hoping they would stay closer and eat bugs, and they do. I have decided that I love the turkeys and now have 7. 3 are about 5 months old, and I just acquired a few more about 3 months old as I was concerned about the male female ratio of which I though was 3-1 (1 being the hen) so the new 3 are females. Anyway, the older 4 were raised in a coop until they became too big for the chicken door and they got relocated to the empty goat yard.

This is the original 4, and their "house" is the metal building just to the right of them. Its actually what the goats slept in but they are on the other side of the fence.

There is a roost in there, about 4 ft high, and also one lower. These 4 tend to sleep on my clothesline poles at night and never go inside.

Since getting the new ones, they do all stay inside the yard a lot more than they used too, instead of roaming the yard, and the younger ones seem to know what the building is for.
Should I be worried about them being outside this winter? They HAVE the shelter, I am concerned they will not be smart enough to use it. (they do not seem to when its raining.) I have the dog carrier int he pen and considered surrounding the building with straw bales for insulation but will they use it? I am worried they will freeze to death outside if they do not go in
I have 12 in two seperate runs both have sheds on each ends. None of the birds I have want to roost inside, they did fine last winter.

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