Will our solo Buff Orpington be ok overnight w/out heat in the coop?


8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
Hi all!

I hope this is the right thread for my question...had a tough time figuring out where to post, but will give this section a go!

We've had a tough year with coyotes and hawks and thus have found ourselves with one remaining chicken (a fabulous Buff Orpington named Peas). And she even survived a hawk attempting to carry her off! We're hoping to get some fertilized eggs in the spring when she goes broody, but 'til then, we're focused on keeping her alive and well. Thankfully, she hangs out with any of our dogs or cats that are outside, so she has a "flock" of sorts.

We're in NC, so the winters here aren't too bad, but she's molting right now and the night time temps tonight and this week are supposed to get down to the low 20s. Today we put a low-wattage warming mat in the coop (a small 6-bird chicken tractor) and are going with the deep litter method for the winter, tho it's not too deep yet. It's well ventilated but there's no chance of a draft.

So my question is, do you think our girl will be okay tonight, or should I run out, get her sleepy little self, and pop her in our downstairs bathroom for the night??!!

Thanks for your insights and opinions!
Without some extra bodies to keep her naked self warm, I'd put her in the bathroom - just so you won't stay up all night worrying about her.
I agree, were not the other chickens protected from coyotes and hawsk??

Our s are in covered very large dog kennels , part of the kennels are covered, we are in the country and the chicks would not last a day.

The dairy farmer near us, is always having to kill coyotes who attempt to enter his barn after the cows.
I feel sad to hear this I to live close to you in South Carolina and it going to be cool but tomorrow the weather man said the lows going to be 23 and then Wednesday going to 18 for the low!!!! Then still Thursday 27 then 34 the next night just letting you know I feel your cold worry's.
Thanks for your thoughts! We live on a few acres of land just outside of the city. Our birds free range during the day and are locked up at night. We don't lose them often, but we also don't start with a large flock, so...

Am going out to get her now.

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