Will pheasants go broody

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  1. dylanhunt

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    Oct 5, 2015
    i just bought two pheasants. One hen and one rooster. Im wondering if domestic pheasants will go broody or will i have to incubate the eggs. also i have a coop they can go in will pheasants go in there or should i move it to my chicken coop? Thanks
  2. Tayten B

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    Dec 18, 2014
    I have pheasants in my aviary the might only go inside if the are really cold other wise mine stay out side even in a cold spell with -50 degrees a lot of people will tell you pheasants want go broody but I had 3 hens at my house and 2 at my grandparent and hatched a total of I think 42 pouts with hen pheasants the reason a lot of pheasants won't go broody is they have loss the instinct because of years or there eggs being taken when laid so they never have the chance to learn how and they pass that on it might take some time before she makes a nest but you will know it it will be in the most cover they have and they don't like nesting boxes and they try to lay eggs is random places to trick predators that they got the nest and there will be no more eggs i usually pick those up and sell or put them in the nest before the hen starts sitting for good and the rooster usually leaves the babies alone he really dose not care and the hens also will take care of them as long as there is food cover and no other birds that might pick on the babies and keep on eye on them in case it rains or gets cool out side I have a chicken tractor and just keep them in there with the hen so they will still be close to the hen but can move around and get grass and bugs good luck

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