Will points grow back on a comb?

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Lester, my tiny Dutch Bantam roo, lost 2 of the points on his comb. It was either from Fowl Pox or another roo pecking him, or maybe both. Will those points ever grow back? I'd like to show him at our county fair and I think those missing points would cause him to lose points in his scoring.
More than likley, it was another roo. I can't think that fowl pox would cause a loss of portions of the comb, unless it was an extreme case. Sorry to say, but no, they will not regenerate.
Such is the case with frostbite.
I have had a few points lost from pox in different birds in my flocks. The bad news is no, they don't grow back. The worse news is, the comb may pucker up and deform a tiny bit when it heals, causing the missing point to be more obvious.
If you you were planning on showing or a modeling career for that bird, you might get started on the next prospect.
No the points do not grow back
but on judging the points off the head will mean that it needs to be in excellent feather and condition no body lice or mites etc

Now at a purebred poultry show that is different deal. You must go to the ABA or APA Standard and see what amount of points it takes off from the chicken being judged. There generally is a much larger amount of chickens being shown at a poultry show, more so than a fair.

I would show him any way. He may be the only one of his breed
or the condition of the other birds was worse than your bird. That is why I am stressing a good feathered and conditioned bird and clean up of the bird.

First on cleaning a chicken always use a clean rag and use warm water on it and wring rag out and wipe with lay of feathers. The feathers need wiped the day when putting the bird in the cage and when at home you clean the bird up that week.

The moisture from the warm rag will help the feathers not to be dry to feel of the judges hand. Always wash a heavily feathered bird such as a Cochin or Wyandotte Where as a Old English game bantam can go with just the original wrung out wet rag wipe down

A NOTE ON washing birds for show:

I always washed the dark birds at least on Friday or saturday week before showing the next saturday. And white birds I washed on Monday of the wekk to show on saturday.

Then put in cages of either clean bedding or clean cage. Cochin feathered birds need have the feathers under the wings blowed dry with lay of feathers and slightly blowed dry with lay of feathers on their body. Do this before putting them in cages.
This allows the bird to start preneing them sleves. The darker birds feathers take longer to get the oil in them than does the white feathered birds.

Then clean the comb and feet good with soapy water then use some solution to the comb and feet concocktion I have listed here

Also clean out the manure on judging day from the pen it is kept in and restock with clean shavings. Scatter the shavings around the pen DO NOT leave in a humped pile, that detracts from the prettiness of the bird.
I always bought a bag of shavings for this job at walmart and carried to the show room.

Clean the birds legs and comb and put the solution on it twice that week and then the day you put the bird in the cage.


a NOTE here
always use a tooth brush with tooth paste and water to scrub the feet good
so under the scales it is clean
then use the soapy water and then the lotion on the feet and comb

I also used
witch hazel 1/2 bottle make two bottles for combs and feet
5 drops of glycerin
5 drops of shaving lotion I used old spice
and shake good and always use a clean rag for the wipe off of feet anf comb with soapy water
then a clean rag for putting the solution mixture on to put on the feet and comb

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Thanks I appreciate your confidence.
I always enjoyed washing and preparing chickens for show

and having a judge in my family helped me to see the importance of having the best cleanest condition for my birds

PS another trick for helping the bird to show well

always by the meat dog treats like gainsburger
that comes apart in strings
take one of the gainsburger pieces and come to the front of the cage
let the chicken come towards you and now to bring it to station

do this
with your hand showing the gainsburger piece bring the piece from the bottom of the cage door slowly to the proper position for the birds type and proper looking station
THEN feed the bird the piece of gainsburger

that way the judge will do that with his finger or judging stick to bring your bird to station or stance for its breed type

this wins more awards than you will ever know
In the judges minds eye you have worked with this bird and due to its excellent condition and station the bird wins over a crazy or laid back chicken

Give it a go and good times for all at the show
email me any questions

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