Will pullet laid eggs (smaller size) give you smaller birds?


6 Years
Dec 23, 2015
Wanting to incubate eggs but my large breed pullets lay small eggs (close to batam size egg) even though they are big hens. will that give me smaller size birds? or should I only choose bigger eggs for bigger future birds? Thank you
Your pullets will lay larger eggs gradually. You want a normal size egg to hatch. Tiny pullet eggs will leave you disappointed if you try to incubate those.

To get smaller chickens you breed 2 smaller adult birds.
do adult hens lay bigger eggs that young pullets???
Yes, a pullet is a pullet until a year old, then she's a hen.

Pullets eggs will get bigger, could take weeks or months to get to a 'large' size.

It's not recommended to hatch small pullet eggs, fertility can be low and other problems.

Tho a buddy broody hatched a few of my pullets eggs, from the first week of laying. They hatched just fine, chicks were tiny but caught up in growth eventually.
I've been wondering about this. I know that seramas are a breed where it's basically the smaller the better (within reason), so if you hatched only pullet serama eggs would you end up with smaller seramas?
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