Will she always be "The Crazy Chick" ?


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Camden County NJ
x-posted in chicken behavior ~ I have 5 beautiful EE pullets and 4 are starting to tame really nicely and would probably me much tamer by now if it wasn't for Crazy Chick. Everytime I put my hand in the brooder, she freaks out, runs, flaps and squaks. If I pick her up she acts like I am killing her. The others still run a little and chirp, but once she gets going and is running into them, they start to panic with her. Anyone ever turn a Crazy Chick into a nice tame chick? Does she just need more time? Do I need to seperate her so she doesn't keep panicking the others?

Here she is, she was the only one upset by the photo shoot and wouldn't stop talking the whole time, lol.

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You can kinda see in the pic that she has curled toes (1 on each foot) but I opted not to try the cardboard shoes because I thought she would have a heart attack and die!

Aubrey~ It's funny they look alike, I'm going to beware the cute yellow faces from now on, lol.

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