will she/he be ok??


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Sep 24, 2014

the top one was noticed last night about 10 pm the bottem pic is same egg at about 830am. she or he has only been chirping randomly one or twice. this is my first ever hatch. they started with mommy but at day 34 she decided not to sit on them and its cold outside i gave her all day to go back she didnt so i took them in and put them under a heat lamp as i do not have an incubator. im worried she opened the inside too soon. i am forcing myself to stay out of it as hard as it is.

It looks like it has pipped at the wrong end of the egg. They should pip at the fatter end of the egg. If after 12 hours of trying to hatch from the initial pip hole and it hasn't got out I would assist it. Please read the link I've added above before you start to help. It's very good and talks you through it all. Wrapping the egg in warm paper towel should also help to keep the egg moist so that the membrane dosnt dry out too much. Wishing you the very best of luck :fl
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