Will sudden temperature change cause respiratory problems?

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    Jun 1, 2013
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    It is supposed to be -14 with wind chills of -25 at night here. I am thinking of bringing my four hens into the basement for one night. I have it all set up down there. Current temp in the basement is 45 degrees. So if it doesn't warm up much the next day, and I return the chicks to the coop will they develop respiratory is sure because of the dramatic temperature change between the basement and coop? Weighing my options. They have never spent a night in the coop when it was that cold. This is my second winter with chickens. Please advise.
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    Many people bring their chickens into a basement if the temps are below zero if it is feasible. They won't develop respiratory problems unless they have been exposed to a disease from a carrier bird. Extremely cold temps can be a stressor that may cause a chicken who has been exposed before to develop symptoms of a chronic respiratory disease, but if they haven't been exposed then cold temps won't cause it.

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