Will the run be big enough?


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Jun 18, 2008
Well this darn fox just keep coming back and wont take to our traps.. we tried chasing it down about 5 times now with a gun but no luck. Today he tried to attack again and thankfully i was outside when it happened. He was trying to attack my dear pea-wea the BO hen and he had her in his mouth when i came running around the corner yelling and off he ran. I didnt think any chickens where back in the hay shed as i saw most of them by the area where pea-wea was attacked but i go back in the hay shed looking for him and while i was caring for pea-wea he killed my New Hampshire hen
Thankfully Pea-Wea will be ok she was just extremely scared and has a few cuts on her.
So now we have decided to build a run and only allow the chickens to free range when we can watch them. We are building a pen that is 20 by 10 by5 feet. IS this going to be big enough for 1 guinea, 18 chickens and about 7-8 more on their way? We MIGHT be able to add another pen that is also 20 by 10 but it will be a while after we get this pen done.


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That would give you basically 10 sq ft per animal... which is sort of 'minimally ok' but especially if they've been used to free ranging they may or may not tolerate it well. So if you COULD build it bigger, that would probably be a Real GOod Thing.

(e.t.a. - oh wait, I missed where you're expecting 7-8 more chickens. That would cut you down to only about 6 sq ft per chicken, which is really not very adequate in most circumstances. Yes, do build that other run...)

Good luck, have fun,

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Would it be possible to do a 20 x 15 pen??? Or a 10 x 30 pen?? That would be healthier for the number of birds you're talking about. I'm not sure how you're building your run, but w/standard lumber at 8 ft., could you do something with that number...or 16 ft.??? Like a 16 x 20??? I think it also depends on how much time they would be out freeranging. You could get by with less room if you're home a lot and so they could be out a few hours each day. But if it would only be like an hour a day, or just on the weekends, you want plenty of room in the run to prevent pecking/bullying. Because in confinement, there aren't many places to escape to.


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Feb 2, 2010
My run is 10x20 with nine chickens and I think it is right for that size flock but I would not try to fit anymore in there! In fact, I am plannin on building a tractor for a few silkies I hope to get next month instead of trying to add them to that run.
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