Will they..and if so when?

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    They go broody?? I have 3 adult ladies..one has stopped laying but the other 2 are about 3 years old and my roo is about 9 months old....is he too young right now? It is not for the lack of trying on his part...he has been with the ladies for about 3 months now. Will they ever go broody? Are they too old? Does my Roo have to be older? I was really hoping to have at least one hatch this year. I am still learning all about the chicken world and this is my first summer with chickens and my first time with a roo...he seems to be more attracted to the buff Brahama at this point and I was hoping she may be going broody but alas...not so! I also have 6 teenager chicks that are about 4 months old now...he does not even bother with them at this point....can they go broody at any point during any season? Sorry about all the questions..still learning!! [​IMG]

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    Whether or not they will go broody, depends on the breed. Some were bred to lay eggs and leave, some to be good mothers. Even so, some hens will do the opposite of the norm for their breed. The rooster should be plenty mature to fertilize eggs and most roosters usually favor one hen over the rest. Depending on where you are, by the time your pullets start to lay, it will probably be a little late in the year for chicks but you never know.

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