Will they be warm enough?

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10 Years
May 3, 2010
Southern NH
I have 11 Amberlinks (6months) and 4 Silkie/Bantam Brahmas (3-4months). The little ones are living in a huge dog cage within the coop. I cannot seem to intergrate, the bigger girls are just plain nasty to them. So i picked up this wonderful little house for them this weekend. Now i am nervous about putting them in it at night......

Edit to add --- days are around 50s and nights are 30 - 40 right now.... seems to be rapidly dropping....

It is very well made and has vent. holes. They do all sleep in a pile in the dog cage so Im sure they would do they same in here... Any thoughts?


This is where in the run it is. The run has hardware cloth dug down and attached to the bottom of the run, it is secure.
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They should be fine. Just make sure you have alot of pine shavings on the floor to keep their tootsies off the ground and warm.
Well they are in, we will see how they do!!! I closed them up in the little house for the night. Hopefully someday they will all get along and then they can hang with the big girls during the day and I can put their little house in the big coop instead of outside!
They will be fine. We live in Alaska, and it gets down to -30 part of the winter. No problems really.
We add a small ceramic heater once it dips below -20.

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