will they ever accept her.

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  1. iamele

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    Jun 2, 2016
    Hey everyone,
    New to chicken raising, I have 3 sister EEs born in April, ( 2 hatches 1 is a week and a bit older than the other 2) and than recently in the last month got a new BCM who was born in June.
    My BCM doesn't come out of the coop unless there is scratch to eat and I give her some motivation to leave the coop. When out the oldest EE chases her abit if they cross paths ( they are in a run) but shes able to get out of the way and find somewhere else to go. Ive recently been locking her out of the coop in hopes they will get used to her and accept her, but it hasn't been successful, once the coop door opens she is up roosting.
    I need her outta my coop, she spends her time destroying the nesting boxes and making a mess of the place. there is lots of room for the 4 of them in their run, with lots of logs and high places to go. will the sisters ever accept her? was getting just 1 the worst idea ever, I feel bad for her, hanging out in the coop by herself all day.
    how do I help her intergrade into the hen house!!''
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    I'd suggest that you check out these links and then devise an integration strategy. You can approach things as if you have never introduced your newbie to your existing flock.





    If you can lay your hands on a dog crate, or something like that to keep her in within sight of the flock, but separate from them, its a good way to help the thought process of integration IMO.

    Good luck
  3. Newmamabear

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    Mar 27, 2016
    She sounds like she might be starting to lay, when mine first started they were making a mess in the coop. Do you have nest boxes set up?
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    Jun 22, 2016
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    I run chickens in a chicken tractor designed by Joel Salatin. When I needed to integrate new chickens into my flock, I put them in the chicken tractor in the fence in the pen and slowly introduced them full time. They still have a definite pecking order, but it's a hard life out there for a chicken!

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