Will they EVER crow normally?


14 Years
Mar 28, 2008
NC - paradise!
:eek: I've got some Dk Cornish Bantams that are nearing 6 months of age now. The boys have been "practicing" their crowing skills for over a month, maybe even 6 weeks, and aren't even CLOSE yet
. My Lt Brahma roo got it after 2 - 3 weeks! So I'm starting to wonder if they'll ever get it right, or if I'm destined to hear the "rr EE rrr rrrr" sound forever... I know Cornish mature a little slowly, but this is bordering on ridiculous (but cute at the same time
Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I'm not getting a kick out of them - believe me, I am
. But there are three of them, each one with a different sound, and now I've also got three Dominiques that are getting into the act. Soon to follow will be the Buff Brahma... Some days more than others - like when they go off every hour on the hour, well, that gets to be a bit much. I love the baby rooster music most of the time. I was just wondering if some roos just don't ever get it quite right, or if some just need more time than others

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