will they ever get along?


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I have 5 one year old hens, 7 13 week old chicks, 2 are roos, and 5 are pullets, and 8 10 week old pullets. The older hens are just starting to get used to all the new ones but are still dominating the bunch, the young ones move when the adults come their way. The 13 week olds are really bossy with the youngest, they chase the little ones around the yard and nip at them regularly and often peck at them, the roos are the worst, they torment the little ones for about 10 minutes when I let them all out when I get home, it's so hard to watch!! I try to let them be because I know they are establishing the pecking order, but I'm wondering how long this will last... I'm thinking a couple more months or until they are all adults and the same size. Am I right or will this go on forever? Thanks for any advice you can give me....
I am wondering the same thing. I have always read that if you want to introduce a new chick or flock it is suggested that it is done at night. I have four I am trying tonight and another three I am going to introduce tomorrow, if all goes well with the first bunch. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE help me out. These 7 chicks have been in my garden tub for approximately 1 1/2 months. My husband says its time for them to go, but I am a little skeptical about it. I have one, a sexlink, that the dog got about a week ago. She is doing much better but my adult Road Island Red that is VERY dominant with all the chicks and I'm afraid she might re-injure the little one. All of my new chicks have their feathers but I kind of hate to let go. I will let you know how it goes tonight.

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Well I tried to put four of the new chicks in the coop and no go! they freaked out. I will figure out how to get them in there without locking them in. I can't lock them in because I have 6 other grown chicks in there and I don't want to wake up to a massacre.
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I introduced my chicks by sectioning off a corner of the coop for the new chicks with a pet pen and gave them their own food and water, the older chicks and hens could not get to them. I kept them penned for about 2 weeks so they can still see each other but stayed separated. The older chicks still bully the the younger ones, which is very hard to watch, I'm just hoping it stops soon...
I think you have to section off young ones. Then try putting them with the others with lots of hiding spaces for them to get away from the others. I can't stand this whole "pecking order" thing. But it is a reality. Good luck to both of you! Sounds like you are doing your best.

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