Will they EVER learn? (To go up into their coop)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by DenverBird, Nov 7, 2014.

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    I'm three weeks into raising a new flock of pullets I got when they were 4-mo old. I have been placing my 3 Golden Comets, 2 Speckled Sussex, and the EE up into their coop every night to teach them where they're supposed to sleep. This has worked in just a week or two with all my other previous flocks of layers and broilers, but these hens just don't seem to get it. They've been consistently put into their coop each night except for two nights in different weeks.

    Did I have chicken prodigies before or should I just chill out and keep putting them up in their coop?

    If anyone has any suggestions on a better way to teach them or just wants to tell me just to be patient and that it'll happen soon, please feel free to.


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    I think I've got this. Start giving them a few raisins just before bed - like an hour before bed. Or scratch corn or cantaloupe or whatever they love. Do this for a week. Or at least, do this until they "get it" and they will start following you. Eventually, put the treat at the top of the ladder. Maybe then they will get in the habit of going up near bedtime.

    Are they in an enclosed run? or free ranged?
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    Thanks Rani! They get to free range for a lot of the day and at the end, they go back into the run but just bed down in a corner rather than going up into the coop. It also occurs to me that when we get the first really cold spell when they only leave the coop to eat and drink, that may do the trick...

    Any other suggestions?


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    Hi [​IMG] ,
    Put a light in the coop just before twilight. If you don't have electricity just a strong flashlight or an Old Boston Lantern -type battery operated light. Then keep putting them in the coop. Urge them to gently walk the last several steps into the coop. Then you can take the light out after they are in for a bit. So they associate the light with going to coop. They will get it and that way you don't burn out a lot of batteries.
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