will this be ok?


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
I forgot to get some chicken food and my local pet shop is shut for 2 days will it be ok to feed then porridge oats for the next two days?
Yes, and they LOVE raisins after they have been soaked.

Chickens will eat just about anything. In a pinch give them variety and let them choose: fruits, vegies, grain. I have supplemented wild birdseed when I'm low on feed since a run to town is about 30 miles!
Well they have had it be but they had a drink before having them so that wasn't there best idea
Be sure to toss in some protein: a can of tuna, leftover meat of any kind. I ran out of food on Christmas eve, and my feed store is normally closed on Mondays. I defrosted a pound of ground meat, and cooked that. Added some uncooked oatmeal, cooked rice, and a couple handfulls of birdseed & scratch. Didn't seems like enough for 2 days, so I added a can of mackerel that had been in the pantry for who knows how long.

They really loved this!
No, of course not! They're meant to eat meat - worms, bugs, etc. The meat you give them also isn't chicken. Besides they have no way of knowing other chickens are made of meat have they?

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