Will this feeder and drinker work?


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Dec 15, 2016
I have been looking for feeders and drinkers online and found these two in a set. I was wondering if they would be good for day old chicks. I'm planning on using wood shavings as bedding so could anyone tell me if it would get into these? Would they be able to eat and drink out of them easily? I'm going to have 4-5 chicks.


I see no reason why not. It may be an idea to put feed on the ground, on a paper towel for the first couple of days, and fill the feeder to it's max, so they can get to the feed.
It would also be fine, but rectangular feeders, such as the first one you showed take up less room in the brooder and will likely be more useful in the future if you have a sick or broody hen that you need to separate from the flock.
I'm thinking of buying the bigger size (16 hole). But I found out it only held 450 grams. Keeping in mind I'm not sure they will reach the stuff in the bottom, will this feeder last 9 hours without needing a refill?

Thanks for replying.
Oh gosh. I'm brooding on pine chips right now, and I gotta say, once these little guys start scratching, those holes get clogged real quick with pine. Those feeders and drinkers will work, but you'll have to clean them more often.

Right now, I've switched some of my brooders over to little hamster waterers. Those are so clean, and the chicks seem to prefer them over the other waterers (perhaps they like the excuse to peck at something).

What you got brooding, by the way?
I would want the waterer to have a bigger container---a quart jar type. You can raise the feeder/waterer up on something a couple inches to help a lot from getting shavings in it.

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