Will this work for a dusting box?


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Jan 15, 2008
West Tennessee
My wife does a lot of transplanting plants into pots and she usually has a lot of potting soil around. Can I use this mixed with Sevin dust for dusting material? And if that wont work, what about this bagged topsoil you can buy? Will that work also?. Thanks in advance for the info.
Any fine dirt would work. Many prefer play sand as it is finer, but it will depend on your birds... mine seem to find the nearest mole hole and use the fresh tunnel dirt for a bath.
We still have 4 feet of snow, so I put some potting soil in a tote and my girls loved it. I was worried they would eat the pearlite, but they left it alone. I think they were just happy to have dirt.

We have fewer moles after a new feral cat moved in.

Some would also suggest that you use DE rather than seven dust as DE is a natural alternative to an effective poison.

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