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  1. I'm getting some new chicks on Thursday =) I'm really excited, but for one thing. The breeds I plan on getting are polish, and silkies,cochins, or houdans. My question is, how do these breeds do with large chickens? My rooster is 10 lbs, and all my hens are large. Will they be ok? Or should I get different breeds? All my birds are friendly, I'm just not sure if my rooster would hurt the smaller hens

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    Mar 7, 2013
    I have a big white leghorn rooster, a medium white naked neck rooster and a old English bantam rooster. I have small bantam hens the big rooster pretty much leaves the smaller hens alone But the smaller roosters will pester the bigger hens. Most of the time the hens are the ones that will pick on the smaller chickens.

    But it all depends on the breed and it's temperament and what you like.
  3. My rooster is very easy going, and my hens are sweet, maybe just a little bossy, but not mean. I'm more worried that the rooster will hurt a smaller hen when mating her. Is this a problem? The hens don't pick on each other, so I don't think I need to worry about their crests. I'm just wondering if anybody has had success with such variety. Thanks for the help
  4. I used to have a big RIR rooster, he tried to mount my banties every so often but as long as you have enough space the banties will just run away.\

    I depends how pestering the rooster is, If it is to pestering the hens will get stressed.

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    We have a large rooster and Polish hens too, and they do fine together. We did have to buy a saddle for Aretha though, because she and Mars are very... friendly...

    We just got some banty chicks ourselves, so I guess we'll find out just how much the little ones can take care of themselves soon.
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    i have both in with each other you should be careful though if your younger birds or smaller birds goes in with a rooster and hens the rooster can mate with the young ones and kill them by doing so and a big rooster trying to mate bantams can end badly to but cochins would be fine those are big .. one of my young hens died because of my rooster kept mating with her lik crazy and she was to young i tried to stop him all the time but i could never get him back into the pens so he can stay inside but she died after but my rooster was going through the rooster stage where their hormones kick in that was prob why after he went through that stage he was fine ... i have polish hens or only one hen and she always is with the alpha rooster she always sleeps by him hangs around with him so i guess they can do fine but it depends on your hens and roosters .. i have mottled houdans 1 rooster and 1 hen they go in with the rest their fine but my mottled houdan rooster houdini can be aggressive with other birds if he thinks a hen is getting hurt and one time he ran up and kicked my sister because we were moving the birds and the hen was making loud noises but houdans are known to kick people / flog is the word for it
  7. Thank you for the advice! I'm glad the polish should be fine. I might not get a silkie, just to be on the safe side. My rooster is sweet, and treats my hens well, but he is a rooster. As for the younger chicks going with the older birds, They will be in their own pen, till they are large enough to take care of themselves. It's a shame the silkie wouldn't do well though =(

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    a silkie would be fine with them i have silkies with all of my big birds and no one bugs them they picked on my other birds before but not anymore ... i have 2 silkies a hen and a rooster and they do fine happy and fluffy and fat lol
  9. What about health? We have wacky weather, and I can't keep them in a perfectly clean environment. Have you seen them as healthy birds?

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    where mine were the rain always got into the coop it had earth ground and it got sorta muddy and plus we had ducks but they did good for me what type of environment is it like could you take a pic of the are where they would be living ?? i have kinda bad weather here to in canada sometimes in the summer all it does is rain right now its spring and it was still snowing a bit but mine do fine but since their feathers are different then other birds if they get really wet from rain or something you should bring them in your house for the night so they don't get cold and stay wet

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