willing to take a few art requests *can draw RP chara character!*

miss heny

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Jan 30, 2010
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i am big into drawing i would like to do some for a few people, i would LOVE to do some for the people who RP and want a pic of them!

some rules
1. i can pretty much do only horses, horse hybrids, some mythical creatures, centaurs, anime boys, anime girls, monster high girls, monster high boys, and some what relistic girls, so please bear with me :) but you can ask if i can draw something

2. i may or may not color it in, so it will be random

3. backgrounds are also a random thing.

4. modest clothing please!!

and also, thanks!

some samples


monster high girls

anime=both boy and girl= mermaid type creature

anime boy

monster high boy


centaur anime

monster high centaur

horses *will come soon*
other *will come soon*

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