Willow has prolapse and I have questions

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    Nov 17, 2012
    Hello, So thankful for this site!

    Our 4yr, Willow regularly lays large (2.4-6oz), beautiful Americana teal-blue eggs. Yesterday her offering had blood streaks but we didn't get to really check her until the same happened today. We soaked her backside in warm water with a little food grade H2O2 and cleared the mess to find her prolapsed. I was not able to clean her to the point of pictures seen on the site but we have kept her crated the remainder of the day with a heater on low to help dry her out. She has a honey coating on the area currently(it was painful for her to have me push back inside for any length of time) and may have bm stuck inside her (?!), she is only pooping small amounts...
    Do we keep her crated tonight or put her back in to coop with sisters for the night? We both will be gone all day tomorrow and not near to the house to check on Willow. Do we just keep her crated, or risk her with the others-Willow is the leader of the group-I get we are trying to get her to stop laying but our feed is layer feed...(I've given her hard-boiled egg, oats, a few meal worms, cucumber, yogurt and some prepared corn meal patty. Any input would be appreciated.
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    I just dealt with a chicken that had prolapse! I not an expert, but I do know don't put her with the others. If they pick at it, it could get alot worse because it could cause it to come out even more. My hen was at the top of the pecking order, too, or somewhere around there, anyways, and the others would still sometimes pick at it.
    Honey is good to put on it. You can use hemorrhoidal ointment or witch hazel, too, to reduce swelling.
    Hope your hen feels better soon! [​IMG]

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